The RADIO OPTIMIZER and STUDIO OPTIMIZER sound processing softwares for professionals are the flagships of our product series and very inexpensive alternatives to hardware audio processors and they provide a fantastic sound.

The RADIO OPTIMIZER is suitable for Web-channels as well as for AM, FM, DAB + and TV stations. In addition to extensive multiband features (6 / 9 / 18 band processing) there are other features integrated like Silence Detector, Program Recorder, Webstreamer (MP3, AAC+, Ogg), RDS / RBDS, Stereo Encoder, BS 412 and EBU R-128 loudness controller and many more. Click here for all features.

Click here to compare your station stream with the sound of RADIO OPTIMIZER now live.

The STUDIO OPTIMIZER multiband processor can be used to improve sound files and tracks as podcasts, commercials and music. It's an easy way for radio editors, administrators and laypersons without needing a professional producer to prepare their audio article and get a perfect sounding audio file.

With the Stream!nspector, you can monitor up to 300 audio web streams on a wide variety of factors, so you are always informed when a stream fails or automation does not play any more. In the event of errors, you immediately receive an e-mail or sms with the problem.

Save money, get perfect results!

Test our trials for free with all features, download the latest releases from the product page.

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